5 guide to online dating Suggestions Ladies Need to Stay By way of – The way In order to Day

5 guide to online dating Suggestions Ladies Need to Stay By way of – The way In order to Day

The professionals offer to share their daily life with you for half a day or a day. The choice of profession and professional sectors is wide and if one tempts you, just create an account to buy your “test-profession”. This time the service is chargeable.

– The same kind of service is offered by Viemonjob, a startup created by two young women. This digital platform makes it possible to test a job for a week to validate a professional project.

– And also by www.testunmetier.com which offers both immersion in the daily life of a profession (lasting 2 to 30 days depending on the profession) and support by professionals, especially for those who wish to retrain or reorient themselves. During the immersion, the trainee indeed receives an initial training on the skills to be acquired.

Various associations also offer you the opportunity to meet professionals, whether it is to guide you in your orientation or your job search or to allow you to discover a particular sector.

– The Savoir-faire et Découverte association (www.savoirfaire-decouverte.com) has set up a network of more than 200 artisans, farmers and artists who offer to discover and share their know-how, within the framework of discovery courses , business tests and training-actions. These are trades linked to crafts and the rural world. Discovery courses can range from 1 day to 3 days, to see if you really have a vocation as an organic farmer, carpenter, ironworker, baker or potter …

– Similarly, the association Elles bougent offers girls who want to become an engineer to give them a “godmother”, an engineer in post who can meet them, guide them, visit her company, etc.

– Finally, for young graduates who are looking for their first job, the Café de l’Avenir offers monthly meetings where each young person can have a drink with a working executive who agrees to support them on a voluntary basis in their job search.

Okay, you have your meeting or your contact, but you still have to dare to ask this adult the right questions, that is to say those that will allow you to really understand his job.

Some people speak spontaneously very well about their activity, but it’s up to you to be curious and sometimes to ask some concrete questions, for example about the work environment, the schedule of the days, the salary, the atmosphere …

– What is your daily job? How does one of your working days go? How much time do you spend in a meeting, at the office, in front of your computer, visiting outside? The answers to these points help you be realistic and see if this life is right for you.

– And in your company, what are the projects? What characterizes your business? The notion of “job” varies a lot from one company to another and the answers of the pros sometimes help to identify if one is attracted by a particular style of company, a large group or an SME for example …

– What do you like about your job? This very open question is a real key to help the person to express his deepest motivation, and to identify the heart of his profession.

– What is your course, what studies did you do? Always interesting to discover the wide variety of routes and see that you can often change lanes and bounce back.

– Is your job a recruiter or is it difficult to find a job? How is employment in your branch, your profession, etc. ? Even if you are not looking for work, be realistic and only orient yourself with full knowledge of the facts.

– What qualities do you need to do this job well? What are the skills to have? Another way to see if you could have the profile or acquire it …

You will undoubtedly still have other ideas, in any case, do not hesitate because most people really want to help young people to discover the reality of their profession and the world of work.

So, to hell with shyness, open up, go for it and open your ears wide to perceive what makes you vibrate in their words. These are precious elements that will help you set your course and set sail.


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