5 guide to online dating Recommendations Ladies Should Are living By way of – Just how For you to Time

5 guide to online dating Recommendations Ladies Should Are living By way of – Just how For you to Time

The Big Guide to Dating Sites: Singles in France Spend Over $ 120 Million To Find A Partner On The Web – In 2011, Almost 30% of All Romantic Relationships Were Formed Online

According to the annual analysis of the sector observer, Guide-Sites-Rencontres.fr, the French have once again hit a ceiling on the online dating market. In 2011, they invested 14.9 million euros more than in the previous year in the search for partners on the Web. The sector is also in turmoil across the rest of Europe: now, nearly a third of all romantic relationships have been formed online.

The French online dating market reports no less than 8% growth compared to last year, while the total turnover of the sector for 2011 amounts to 122.1 million euros. This huge increase is due above all to the aggressive advertising campaigns of the main online dating sites. “Quality portals at high prices, with a careful member profile and good customer service are on the rise in all segments”, summarizes Thomas Kuhlmann of guide-sites-rencontres.fr. “Singles here are willing to pay for good service. “

Online dating is booming all around the world today and European singles are at the forefront of the movement. In 2011, almost 30% of relationships forged in the EU were online. In this area, France is in the top 5. Each month, some 5.3 million French people log on to these “bachelor markets” and 2.4 million seek libertine encounters. France now has 35 dating portals, which have passed the 100,000 member threshold.

It is mostly by targeting young single people between the ages of 18 and 30 looking for cool contacts that some cheap and fairly superficial flirt portals have been able to establish themselves from the Facebook environment. In the meantime, they are available as a smartphone app and offer features such as real-time geolocation search for spontaneous meetings.

“The great guide to dating sites” aims to be an independent observer of the French online dating market. Those looking for a partner can find test results from the biggest dating portals and tips on how to learn to flirt on the Internet.

Guide-Sites-Rencontres.fr belongs to the German Metaflake Network, which operates in 12 countries from Cologne, Germany.

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