5 guide to online dating Points Women Should Dwell By means of – The best way To help Date

5 guide to online dating Points Women Should Dwell By means of – The best way To help Date

You are single ? Looking for true love for several months without success? Do you see all your friends getting into a relationship when you are left desperately alone despite your multiple attempts? Know that today more and more romantic encounters are happening through applications. In fact, “dating” applications have become the essential archetype of our love lives.

In the digital age, relationships have changed completely. In this ultra-connected world, our idea of ​​love has evolved. In fact, dating sites and social networks today give us access to an infinite number of potential relationships, whether they are friends or lovers. So we have the feeling that a huge choice is offered to us and that our soul mate is only a “swipe” (side swipe action performed using his finger by a mobile user to switch from one profile to another).

“Between the ages of 26 and 30, nearly 1 in 3 people have already registered on an online dating site”

With nearly 18 million singles in France, the business of dating sites and applications continues to diversify (around 2000 sites).

Their use continues to be democratized, in particular thanks to the improvement of “their images” and the proliferation of specialized sites. Whether they are generalists or more targeted, they allow you to meet a soul mate according to our criteria (location, age, religion, sexual preferences, etc.).

A question then arises: how do these new actors of “love 2.0” work?

Indeed, while this is not very conducive to romance – not least because of the cold, mathematical image they convey – algorithms are the system that dating apps typically rely on. The principle ? The algorithm analyzes the data collected in the questionnaires previously sent to the registrants, compares them and creates a percentage of possible matches.

According to Kang Zhao, a researcher at the University of Iowa, we are only in the early days of using algorithms. “Ultimately, they will analyze the photos posted by singles on dating sites in order to identify the brands that we will wear, the places that we will visit… The data collected will make it possible to carry out targeted advertising and also to finance other free dating apps ”.

Here are 5 apps to find love based on your expectations and your temperament.

Do you fall for a stranger in the street? But you dare not approach it? Happn is for you! In fact, the application allows you to very easily find people you meet by chance. Its geolocation system keeps in mind all the members (obviously the person must also have the app) crossed regardless of the location! Then you just have to find the photo of his profile in your “timeline” and send him a “like” without him being warned. If the stranger does the same, the app will then offer to get in touch with him / her and start a conversation.

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