5 guide to online dating Ideas Females Ought to Stay Simply by – The best way To help Particular date

5 guide to online dating Ideas Females Ought to Stay Simply by – The best way To help Particular date

This means, among other things, strengthening internationalization and mobility, and, where appropriate, the links between education, research and innovation, as well as implementing the Council recommendation to promote automatic mutual recognition qualifications. In line with the challenges identified in the new EU strategy for higher education, initiatives to improve the performance of European higher education systems will be encouraged, including the implementation of the Council recommendation on monitoring of graduates and the digital education action plan. The program will also promote the implementation of the ministerial communiqué of the Bologna process.

In the field of school education, priority will be given to the following actions:

In the field of education and vocational training (initial and continuing), priority will be given to the following actions:

In the field of adult education, in line with the priorities of ET2020 and the European agenda in the field of adult education and training7 and the Council recommendation entitled Pathways to enhancing skills: new perspectives for adults, priority will be given to:

In the field of youth, in accordance with the EU Youth Strategy, priority will be given:

o the engagement, networking and empowerment of young people: strengthen intersectoral cooperation, allowing greater synergies between the different areas of action that matter to young people. Particular attention will be paid to participation – including alternative and innovative forms of participation – and active citizenship of young people, especially those who integrate young people at risk of social exclusion.

o the contribution to the quality and innovation of youth work as well as its recognition.

o the promotion of entrepreneurship, creative learning and social entrepreneurship among young people.

Priority will be given to projects in the form of transnational initiatives in the youth field, which allow groups of young people to put their ideas into practice, including through social enterprises, with the aim of combating the difficulties and problems encountered in their daily life.

During the life cycle of a project and depending on the type of strategic partnership, projects can generally include a wide range of activities, for example:

Strategic partnerships can also organize transnational learning, education and training activities for people, as long as they add value to the achievement of project objectives. Some of these activities are particularly relevant in one or more fields of education, training and youth, as shown in the table below. For a more detailed description of the activities supported, see Annex I.

Typically, Strategic Partnerships target cooperation between organizations established in Program Participating Countries. However, organizations from partner countries can also participate in a strategic partnership, as partners (and not as applicants), if their participation brings essential added value to the project.

In addition to the organizations formally participating in the project and receiving Union funds, strategic partnerships may also include associated partners from the public or private sector who contribute to the implementation of specific project tasks / activities or support dissemination and the sustainability of the project.

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