5 guide to online dating Guidelines Women Ought to Stay Simply by – How In order to Night out

5 guide to online dating Guidelines Women Ought to Stay Simply by – How In order to Night out

The DGCS will now finalize its project based on the consultation carried out.

We call on everyone to stay informed, especially here via fneje.fr, and to stand ready to defend respect for children in ECEC in France, and good conditions for exercising our early childhood jobs, already so updated. bad everyday.

Let’s stay together, let’s stay mobilized during this essential period for our businesses and for the children who form the heart of our commitment.

We have received the timetable for the work on the ESSOC law. Here is the content.

-> We invite you to write to us at (hidden) to send us your contributions. The FNEJE will of course be present on all the work.

1. Health workshop: What regional health support service? If it appears necessary to identify a health referent in each of the reception methods, what organization, what network, what purposes must be defined?

2. Simplification workshop: What one-stop shop for project leaders and managers? In order to harmonize, simplify and accelerate the notification and authorization procedures of establishments for the reception of young children, what one-stop-shop model should be experimented with, what scope of intervention should it be entrusted with?

Morning: Presentation of a building repository project for young childcare establishments.

1. Simplification Workshop: What digital tool for a simple, systematic and rapid verification of criminal records? Faced with the need to check the criminal records of early childhood professionals, what modalities for a systematic, rapid and adapted check to the diversity of employers?

2. Passerelle Workshop: Can we map the galaxy of early childhood professions? If there is a panel of professions carrying out their missions in the field of early childhood, what qualifications or pathways match, or could match, the expected functions, in particular of direct supervision of children, of practice, director of a childcare establishment, RAM facilitator? Which equation to consider?

1. Health workshop: What territorial cooperation for a more inclusive reception? If health support promotes the reception of children with a disability or a chronic condition, what territorial coordination should be provided to facilitate their reception and support for professionals?

2. Passerelle workshop: What levers to develop VAE, apprenticeship and professionalization in the 0-6 year old sector? (methods of welcoming young children, peri, extra-curricular and nursery school). The development of career paths in the early childhood sector of activity should be encouraged. What changes should be envisaged for their realization?

1. Quality Workshop: What digital tool at the service of professionals to guide them in their implementation of the National Charter for the Care of Young Children? If access to a digital tool can facilitate support for professionals in a continuous process of improving their practices, what content and what forms should be planned?

2. Simplification workshop: What information tool on early childhood training 0-6 years? Improving information for employers, and professionals themselves, on the range of dedicated training courses, as well as on their access and financing methods, is likely to facilitate professionalization, and therefore the quality of reception.

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