5 guide to online dating Guidelines Women Ought to Survive By – The way For you to Date

5 guide to online dating Guidelines Women Ought to Survive By – The way For you to Date

Guide-Sites-Rencontres.fr: ‘Made in France’ is the European export champion in the field of online dating

French dating sites report positive trade balance of over 100 million euros

For the first time, the information portal Guide-Sites-Rencontres.fr compared European countries in the field of dating sites, as part of a supranational study. “The European online dating market 2012” is producing pleasing results for France: 78% of the sums that the French invest in finding a partner online goes into the pockets of French companies. These companies are the undisputed European export champions.

The French online dating market is the third largest in Europe, with a total annual turnover of 122 million euros; it is clearly dominated by French dating sites. Indeed, 95 million euros (or 78% of turnover) remain in France, only 27 million taking over the management of foreign companies. “The French online dating industry has implemented remarkable technologies and services, which respond very precisely to the needs of French singles,” said Henning Wiechers, the German co-initiator of the study. A good example: the innovative site AdopteUnMec.com, where every month, several hundred thousand women “go fishing” for men.

Certainly, many internationally flourishing dating sites, such as Be2, PlentyOfFish or AshleyMadison, the world’s largest site dedicated to romantic getaways, have conquered large parts of Europe, but not France. Mr Wiechers said on this subject: “Many major German players in this sector have also broken their teeth in France. The situation is almost like Asterix and Obelix. “

In addition, French dating sites are not only present in France: led by Meetic, the European market leader, they achieved a turnover of 133 million euros in other European countries during the Last 12 months. In total, the result is a magnificent trade balance, positive of 106 million euros. Meetic already dominates the entire European market so much that the match.com site left all of its European activities to the online dating giant some time ago.

Despite all this praise, Henning Wiechers, an expert in this sector, warns: “Just like in Germany, the French online dating industry has so far neglected the trend of mobile dating and flirting in the environment. Facebook. And it is not less than 100 million singles who jostle there on a global scale. “

The entire study “The European online dating market 2012” is available in PDF format:

About www.guide-sites-rencontres.fr: “The great guide to dating sites” is an independent observer of the French online dating market. Those looking for a partner can find test results from the biggest dating portals and tips on how to learn to flirt on the Internet. Guide-Sites-Rencontres.fr belongs to the German Metaflake Network, which operates in 12 countries from Cologne, Germany.

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